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Cdrix Swiss artist


Cdrix never expected to become the revolutionary jewelry artist that he is today. Born in Montreux, on the boarder of Lake Geneva in the French part of Switzerland, Cdrix was a highly active child who spent most of his days playing in the nature, building cabanas in the trees, and making sculptures in the mud. After finishing his professional training and graduating as a precision machinist, Cdrix enrolled in the Swiss army, which lead to a few very difficult years full of addiction and disappointment.


He departed from the Swiss army at 20 years old, and was encouraged by his parents to enroll in a glass blower school in the little city of Zeleny Brod, located in the Czech Republic. Here, Cdrix discovered his true identity as an artist and dedicated him self to recreating his life. He returned to Switzerland shortly after his studies in the Czech Republic, and he worked as a watchmaker in the famous Swiss watchmaking valley – “La Vallee-de-Joux “– to support himself while he pursued his art. Then, at 27, Cdrix was accepted to a jeweler’s school where he completed a 4-year program in just 2 and a half years. Upon his graduation, he was awarded the famous Golay Jewelry Award of Swiss Mastership prize. Cdrix was dedicated to his purpose as an artist now more than ever before: he launched his jewelry company, Cbijoux©, where he created innovative pieces that he showcased at his studio-gallery in the middle of a remote forest. Since launching  Cbijoux©, Cdrix has had multiple exhibitions and was awarded the prestigious Fashion Star award during  Paris Fashion Week in 2002.


In 2003, Cdrix created the very first prototype of his Mood Collection™– a minimalistic jewelry company with pieces that have the potential to be personalized in a multitude of ways. Today, the Mood Collection™is a multimillion-dollar company comprised of over thirty employees. After he sold this brand, Cedric continued to develop his contemporary wedding and engagement ring designs under the brand Cbijoux©, and turned his attention back to his art.

A step backward in 2018 statment (if you missed it) :

Cdrix, Swiss designer is also addicted to skateboarding! 

This, combined with design, drove him to create jewelry made of up-cycled skateboards.

Fuckyeah! up-cycled sk8 jewelry was created by Swiss artist Cdrix, a self-confessed skateboarding addict! This passion combined with design drove him to create jewelry that would rise up out of the graves of broken and dead skateboards to be what is now up-cycled skateboard jewelry. 

– “Skateboarding is fun, it is a freedom I can enjoy every single day. It’s also learning to stand and rise above fear and barriers, it is failures and trials again and again and again… no fear, no pain, no gain…”

– “I’m also very excited about giving a new life to used materials, the wood of the skateboards is nice, warm and colorful.”

Some interesting facts behind the making of these pieces: 

Each skateboard deck is made of 7 plies of maple tree, often colored; I’m personally very inspired by this amazing material.  I can then choose among the used skateboards’ decks, the ones that match each other or simply please me, then I assemble and follow my design, giving a new life to things previously destined for trash.


Another interesting aspect exclusive to using only pre-loved skateboards is the manifested additional stories, pains, gains and persistence lived by the riders and impregnated into the fiber of the board. Once used by the body in dynamic and exciting ways, they now begin a new life of dynamic shapes and design, but this time peacefully placed on the body.


Through my innovative designs, I want to bring joy, excitement and surprise to the wearer and viewer alike, using this medium and the special features of the material I choose.


Now, he is happy to continue his career and present his work in his own LA showroom. Currently, he shows his art around the world, and has a permanent showroom in Switzerland. Throughout his life, Cdrix has been granted multiple awards for his unique creations and has been showcased in exhibitions around the globe. “Los Angeles is the beginning of a new chapter in my career, where I am determined to continue my story,” he says. For more information, please visit his website.

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