cedric chevalley

contemporary jewelry artist


I’m a swiss designer working independently since 2001, focusing mainly on the success of my brand Mood Collection until 2013 when it became self sustaining. Since then, I have shifted  my focus more into contemporary jewelry (my first love). All the while continuing to create unique, contemporary wedding rings from from day one.


The topic PRIVATE TIME AND SOCIAL INTERACTION was for me an exciting challenge. Having observed people’s current behaviours online and in real life (me included), I focused on how people maintain a private sphere while still carefully curating what is made public....

Concept, upcycling and WHY FUCKYEAH! ?

“On the top of my concepts, my main goal in working with Upcycling, is that things can be broken, dirty, no longer available for use, but we can still create something new with it. We can take the best features and bring them to the forefront, for a new life as piece...

Philosophie derrière Fuckyeah!

“ Vivre comme en participant à jeu ! Ne jamais être trop sérieux, et ne jamais cesser de jouer, même si on échoue !   Le point c'est de jouer sa propre partie! FuckYeah ! * ”   En amont de tous mes concepts, ce qui me motive dans le recyclage ou l’upcycling, c’est de...