If it were necessary to have an exciting jewelry exhibition at the beginning of the year 2019, it is the one held until March 30, 2019 at La Galerie La Joaillerie par Mazlo. Gioielli in Fermento invites you to look at the jewel differently, questioning it in all its complexity and posing in a very intelligent way the question of the transformation of materials. How, why and by what means do we manage to make of them the miniature works of art that question us in our relationship to the jewelry ? A wine trip, joyful and heady that I can only invite you to perform and that I had the chance to discover with the curator of the exhibition, Eliana Negroni. Cheers !

When we meet Eliana Negroni, we meet Italy or at least what makes the imagination of this country : a huge smile, a communicative joie de vivre, a singing accent that reconciles you with life and especially gestures as big as her enthusiasm to talk to you about this beautiful project Gioielli In Fermento. Born in 1966 in Milan in a family of master engravers, it is only belatedly – from 1998 – that she decided to train the art of goldsmithing to join the family workshop.


Des bulles et des bijoux