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The evening was truly an opportunity for individuals to make real, in-person connections with one another, and to experience art in real time.

“How much of an improvement does social media contribute to experiencing life, when the purpose is to share it through Instagram?” Chevalley asks. “When the purpose is to bump up the followers and likes? Are we really experiencing the true preciousness of every passing moment?”

Chevalley’s insightful questions and his commitment to creating events that foster true human connection are a reflection of his own art: honest, authentic, and wholly unique.


My latest quandary is about our current behavior online and in real life. I struggle to observe how we are able to reveal our private sphere, our private experiences.

more pics : https://cbijou.com/bijou-las-showroom-grand-opening/

Shots by Tim Sabatino

Opening Event Details

“As artist, I’m constantly thinking about how I can inspire resilience,” Chevalley says. “That’s why upcycling appeals to me so much – it’s an opportunity to take things that are forgotten or thrown away and make them into something entirely beautiful and new. It’s important for us all to remember that every day, we have the ability to make our lives into something beautiful.”

The artist himself will perform between 6:30 and 7:30 a life happening.

The event will be unlike anything seen before, and will be held from 6-9 pm February 29th and will take place at 11727 Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064. For any other details, please contact info@cbijou.com

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