For our 5th edition of stARTup San Francisco we’ve selected the theme “sustainability.” Sustainability means different things to our panelists, performers, non-profit partners, and exhibiting artists.

Like Anastasia and the artists from Recology, Cedric Chevalley takes a more environmental approach to “sustainability.” In Room 323 Cedric embraces upcyling, the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, and worthless products into new materials.

upsk8 Donuts (Broaches)  by  Cedric Chevalley , Skateboard's wood and magnet, 2018

upsk8 Donuts (Brooches) by Cedric Chevalley, Skateboard’s wood and magnet, 2018

For Cedric there’s no greater joy than taking an unwanted object’s “best features and [bringing] them to the forefront for a new life as a piece of art.”

Big Mobius Donuts  by  Cedric Chevalley , Skateboard wood, aluminium, and magnets, 2018

Big Mobius Donuts by Cedric Chevalley, Skateboard wood, aluminium, and magnets, 2018

What does sustainability mean to Cedric? “As is the nature of life as human beings, we can fail. But we just have to decide that tomorrow is a whiteboard, a fresh page. We can always start anew, bright and shining.”

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