The topic PRIVATE TIME AND SOCIAL INTERACTION was for me an exciting challenge. Having observed people’s current behaviors online and in real life (myself included), I focused on how people maintain a private sphere while still carefully curating what is made public. People tend to stress over the exact right words and images to create of themselves, and then share but this can often backfire; causing often-times a buzz of noise and colour, masking the reality, the preciousness, the true nature that makes us great. In the end only glimmers of this shine through the mindless chatter.


This being said, when real interactions occur, people are able to feel the actual spirit inside the body and behind all the words.


I love to work with the wood of skateboards and have stayed true to this way of working as for me, it echoes the nature of my concept; the public is recycled wood with layers of use beaten into it while the private is made of something different – the precious metal inside.

size : 55mm /40mm/ 20mm


creation : feb 2018


material : Sk8’s wood and silver